Half Life 2 PC Cheats

Looking for "Half Life 2" PC cheats? "Half Life 2", which is the sequel to "Half Life", is a fantastic video game that is made by the Valve Corporation for those that run a Windows operating system on their computer. If you are familiar with the original "Half Life", the plot behind "Half Life 2" involves Gordon Freeman having to rescue his friends, Eli and Alyx, from the Combine. Here are a few "Half Life 2" PC cheats that will help you beat the game in no time at all:

  1. God. The God cheat code for "Half Life 2" enables you to enter God mode. God mode is available for server side only. To enter God mode, simply press the "~" key on your keyboard, type in "God" and press "Enter".
  2. Health.  There is nothing worse than almost completing a level in "Half Life 2", only to have your health drop and have to repeat the level again. The health cheat code for "Half Life 2" ensures that your health never drops below one. You can enter the health "Half Life 2" PC cheat by pressing the "~ key" on your keyboard, typing in "buddha" and pressing "Enter".
  3. Damages. Are you having a hard time beating a certain character in "Half Life 2"? With the damages cheat code, you get to decide how much damage is done to the health of that player. You can use the damages cheat code in "Half Life 2" by pressing the "~ key" on your keyboard, typing in "Hurtme #" and pressing "Enter". The number that you enter is the amount of damage that will be done to the character that is giving you a hard time.
  4. All Weapons. All weapons is a favorite of many gamers when they are playing first person shooting games like "Half Life 2". The cheat code for all weapons is impulse 101. As with all "Half Life 2" PC cheats, simply press the "~ key" on your keyboard, type in the code and press "Enter" on your keyboard.
  5. Walk Through Walls. Being able to walk through walls is a huge advantage in any game that is similar to "Half Life 2". You never know what is waiting for you behind the door, so you can sneak attack the characters in the game by walking through walls. To use the walk through walls "Half Life 2" PC cheat, press the "~ key" on your keyboard, type in "noclip" and hit "Enter".
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