Half Life 2 Secrets

If you’ve played the “Half Life 2” campaign until you’re blue in the face, you might be looking for something more in the gameplay experience like “Half Life 2” secrets. There are lots of Easter eggs and subtle details that were worked into “Half Life 2,” and it’s really entertaining to uncover them all yourself while playing the game. If you’re ready to find things that aren’t so noticeable, check out this nice collection of “Half Life 2” secrets.

  1. During “Point Insertion,” you can peep through doorways to see interesting things. Once you’ve been asked by Barney in disguise to follow him, don’t forget to immediately look on the left side of the hallway for a closed door. It will have a slot that you can look through and if you do so, you’ll get a glimpse of a Metrocop rushing over to close off the slot.
  2. When you reach “Route Canal,” you can kill all three officers chasing you down the railroad track at once.You’ll notice that just before you reach the canal, you’ll be spotted by three baddies. If you jump down on the ledge that will lead you on to the next area, this will toggle a train to speed down the tracks and wipe out all three of the baddies.
  3. One of the coolest “Half Life 2” secrets happens when you’re in the dam area in “Water Hazard.”Once you’re in the dam area and in the right vantage points, you’ll be able to see a city off in the distance (which will, later in the game, be identified as "Ravenholm"). You can even see a church that you’ll be encountering on the outskirts of that city.
  4. In “Black Mesa East,” Mossman will leave the room to go tend to something in another room. If you enter the room that she is in, she will anxiously ask that you leave. This is an obvious indicator that she’s doing something suspicious.
  5. Next time you play “Half Life 2,” make sure to pay attention to the clocks in the game. This is mentioned because they are all stopped on the same time!
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