Halloween Snacks Made Of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

If you're looking for Halloween snacks made of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, you've stumbled onto the right spot! With a little creativity and some melted chocolate, pudding and icing, you can fix up two sweet Halloween snacks made of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls in no time flat. Read on and learn how to create these Halloween treats!

To make Halloween snacks with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, you will need:

  • A box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls
  • One twelve-ounce package of milk chocolate chips (you can actually use any chips, such as peanut butter or mint chocolate, but milk chocolate chips will give you a slightly sweeter flavor)
  • A tube of orange icing with a writing tip on the end
  • Two packages of vanilla pudding
  • Licorice whips
  • Gummy worms or gummy bugs
  1. Make Halloween chocolate spiders with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. Microwave the chocolate chips for thirty second intervals until melted. Stir each time as they will hold their shape even when melted, and it's possible to burn them. Cut the Swiss Roll into four equal pieces and dip into the chocolate. Place on a cookie pan covered with wax paper to dry. Stick four licorice pieces through the spider body so that you have eight legs total. Make spider eyes on the front with the orange icing. Refrigerate and serve.
  2. Serve up a mess of "dirt" for a Halloween treat! Every kid alive will love eating this pile of dirt. Make two packages of vanilla pudding according to the directions and put into a clear glass bowl, such as a trifle dish. Allow to set up in the refrigerator. Crumble four Little Debbie Swiss Rolls into small pieces and mix into the chilled pudding. Don't over stir, as you don't want the Swiss Rolls to break down. Toss gummy worms or gummy bugs on top and dish out into bowls. Delicious!
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