Hallucinogenic Drugs

Hallucinogenic drugs change the way people perceive reality. Those who dabble with herbs and pills of the illegal kind know exactly how these drugs affect their reality. But, for those who don’t walk on the wild side, here are five drugs that they should avoid at all costs.

  1. Marijuana: This hallucinogenic is one of the most popular illegal drugs in society. It is grown as a plant and is cultivated for smoking. Marijuana can affect your mood, inhibitions and judgment. Some avid users swear that the drug is harmless; however, it can increase your heart rate, damage body systems and leave you psychologically addicted. For others who use the hallucinogenic, they simply fall asleep or laugh until they take another hit. Although the drug is illegal in the United States, some states have made it legal for medical purposes only. Sorry, unless you have a prescription, you’re breaking the law. It is also known as pot, weed and numerous other things. Before you roll that next blunt, consider how it affects you.
  2. LSD: This drug is commonly known as “acid.” LSD is more addictive than pot. It changes your perception of reality quickly and easily. Unlike marijuana, which increases your appetite, this drug can decrease it. It’s not cool to be a starving person who has hallucinations. You can also think about suicide or experience scary thoughts. This drug also leads to schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. Not a good look to have.
  3. Ecstasy: Ecstasy is known as the clubgoer's drug of choice. It causes confusion, paranoia and even addiction. There’s nothing like the clubgoer who thinks others are out to get him on the dance floor. This hallucinogenic drug can also cause serious health issues like renal failure and heart conditions. Before you get the urge and decide to try this drug, consider the risks.
  4. Salvia: Not all hallucinogens are illegal. Salvia is a controversial legal drug native to South America and Mexico. It affects you by giving you psychedelic moods. You feel detached from what is real. Although this drug is usually chewed or ingested in liquids, it can also be smoked in pipes. Most states have outlawed its usage.
  5. Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB): GHB is a club drug known as blue nitro, easy lay and other clever names. It also has been used by body builders and date-rapists. The drug works by depressing the CNS or central nervous system. Users may feel extremely drowsy, lose coordination and hallucinate. You are essentially at the mercy of others. The drug is illegal and has a number of nasty side effects. These include seizures, coma and death.

Hallucinogenic drugs have been around for thousands of years. They may not appear to harm you, but given time, your mental and physical health can be affected.



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