Halo 3: How To Get Skulls

Want to learn how to get skulls in "Halo 3? The level of difficulty to acquire these skills varies. Some of these skulls are simply hidden, while you will need to do certain things to make other skulls appear. There are thirteen skulls in all.

  1. Skull: Blind, Level: Sierra 117 This skull is found after the very first encounter with the Covenant on a rock near the water. Head straight towards the water after the clearing where you encounter the Covenant. You will need to jump down towards the water and land on the rock that has the skull.
  2. Skull: Iron, Level: Sierra 117 This skull is found at the end of the level behind the building where Sgt. Johnson is being held prisoner. The skull should be in a corner against the building.
  3. Skull: Black Eye, Level: Crow’s Nest This skull is found after the Covenant forces breach the perimeter to the base. You will see a large portion of piping above you. The skull should be on top of a pipe at the end.
  4. Skull: Grunt Birthday Party, Level: Crow’s Nest This skull is found right after the battle with the Brute Chieftain. You will need to get a gravity lift after the battle to get this skull. After the battle, continue on until you are in a shaft with drones. Walk down this corridor and down the large drop ahead. Throw the lift and it will open up a passage where you will find the skull.
  5. Skull: Tough Luck, Level: Tsavo Highway You will find this skull after you kill the bunch of Brutes on this level. Continue after the battle until you get on a winding bridge. Jump down from the bridge into the ravine. The skull should be towards the wall right after you jump down.
  6. Skull: Catch, Level: The Storm This skull is found during the encounter with the wraiths. Do not kill the wraiths before you get the skull or it will not be there. Head behind the location where the wraiths are and you will find the skull. Then you can battle the wraiths.
  7. Skull: Fog, Level: Floodgate This skull should be located with a Flood on a rooftop; you should be able to see the skull in his hand from your view on the street. You need to shoot the Flood and then you will be able to pick the skull up when it falls in the street.
  8. Skull: Famine, Level: The Ark Go right and walk under the walkway. You will need to grenade jump off of the building to get the skull. The skull should be on the overhang of the building.
  9. Skull: Cowbell, Level: The Ark You will need to pick up a grav lift in the building after defeating the scarab. You’ll find the skull going up a ramp inside the building you enter after defeating the scarab. You will need the grav lift to get the skull.
  10. Skull: Thunderstorm, Level: The Covenant After you deactivate the first tower, use a Hornet to fly to the third tower. Fly over the second tower and find a flat part of the tower that extends over the ocean. The skull will be there.
  11. Skull: IWHBYD, Level: The Covenant First defeat the Prophet and the Flood. Next jump through the rings in this order:  1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 5, 4, 6, 5, 4, 5, 3, 4. The first ring will be near the entrance. If you do this correctly the skull will appear on the bridge that you crossed to get to the Prophet. Don’t quit the level after getting the skull but complete the level.
  12. Skull: Tilt, Level: Cortana This skull is found in the circular room where Cortana mentions she likes games. It is near the top of the room. Go towards the dead Elite that is in the room and you will see the skull near a pillar.
  13. Skull: Mythic, Level: Halo This skull is very easy to find. It’s at the start of the level. Stay towards the right and you will see it easily.
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