Halo 3: How To Lower Your Weapon

Learning "Halo 3": how to lower your weapon in is fairly simply, but it does require some patience. "Halo 3" is a shooting video game. Some people consider the ability to lower your weapon in "Halo 3" a cheat, while others consider it a glitch of the game. The main reason to lower your weapon in "Halo 3" is for cosmetic purposes. Many players like the look of a lowered weapon for producing machinima. Machinima is using video games as a form on animation.  Using "Halo 3" for machinima is a very common practice because of the games high quality graphics.

  1. Make sure the game is in local mode. This is the only mode that you can lower your weapon.
  2. Press and hold these buttons in order: "LB", "RB", "left stick", "A" and "down" on the pad. This is the part that might take some practice. Some players find that they have to use their chin to push one of the buttons or another part of their hand.
  3. Hold these buttons for five seconds. If you do this correctly, your character will jump up. After your character lands from the jump, your weapon will be lowered. This is a very subtle change but many players that do machinima like the look of the lowered weapon better than it raised fully.


  • Most cheats (or glitches in games) do not work all the time. If you do don’t get the desired outcome, follow the direction in step two again. Also make sure you are in local mode.
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