Halo Action Figures

These "Halo" Action Figures are great as collectibles or fun toys. Each has a different story behind it, which can bring vast excitement to your child. Although these make great gifts for children, be aware that they are not intended for those age three or younger. Make sure you use caution while you enjoy these action figures.

  1. "Halo Reach" Square Enix Play Arts Kai Series 1: This is a wonderful action figure that you can get for a child or collecting adult. The action figure is done with great detail, giving you unexpected finesse in the product's aesthetics. This "Halo" action figure is holding a heavy weapon machine gun and has a combat knife. The figure even has a frag grenade. It is also large-scale (ten and a half inches high), making it a truly remarkable toy/collectible. It may have a high price tag for a toy (over $40), but it is worth every penny solely for the detailed construction. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for: serious high quality.
  2. "Halo Reach" McFarlane Toy Series 3 Jun Noble 3: This "Halo" action figure comes with many unique features, including a scout helmet, sniper rifle and frag grenade. This figure is five and a half inches tall and has a affordable price of under sixteen dollars. It is a great option for those who do not want to put a huge investment on a "Halo" action figure. Overall, it is a great idea for a child, as their imagination can extend from the video game to the figurines. This well-designed toy is moveable and fully equipped with military gear, giving kids a lot of room to imagine and play.
  3. "Halo" Reach Series 1 Jorge: Standing about six inches tall, this is not your typical action figure. It is a new character that will surely amaze kids and collectibles alike. It has a machine gun turret and has a green, yellow and red protective outfit. It looks truly robotic and aggressive, giving "Halo" action figure collectors everything they would want and more. While some customers complain about the paint quality, it can not be denied that the color choices and overall design structure is not innovative. It is truly something different from the "Halo" toy series, available at under eighteen dollars.
  4. "Halo" 3 McFarlane Series 7 Tartarus: If you want a "Halo" action figure that looks menacing and tough, then you definitely need look no further. This toy is a truely one-of-a-kind design. The figurine's face alone is worth the buy. It has white spikey hair, bushy eyebrows and a long beard. This is all paired with an angered expression and menacing teeth. It is holding the Fist of Rukh, a large and aggressive mace. Tartarus' reputation as a fearless fighter is accurately portrayed in this vicious action figure. At just over fifteen dollars, its definitely worth investing in so you can add to your set of "Halo" action figures.
  5. "Halo" 2 McFarlane Series 7 Oni Operative Dare: Not only does this "Halo" action figure look tough, it looks stylish and modern. With its black, grey and blue tones, it looks edgy and ready for a fight. Oni stands only four and a half inches tall, but this does not make her look any less agressive. Your action figure can not be complete without this great addition. This toy stands with a weapon in each arm, heightening its already menacing look. It may cost a little more than other action figures, but it will not be a purchase you will regret. Anyone would be more than satisfied with this awesome action figure.
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