Halo Reach Soundtrack Song List

Halo reach proves video games can have sound tracks that equal or exceed the standards set by the soundtracks for many movies. It also is an excellent first person shooter that tells the story of when mankind first encountered the Covenant. A critic may chide the game for its lack of originality, but the opinions of the critics seldom deters the fans.


Halo Reach Soundtrack Disc 2:

  1. Overture. The introduction to the "Halo Reach" game.
  2. Winter Contingency. Mankind has had its first encounter with an unknown race, but at least they had something resembling a plan.
  3. Nightfall.”
  4. Tip of the Spear.”
  5. Exodus.This song covers the abandonment of Reach on the “Halo Reach” soundtrack.

The first disc tells the story of the attack and the evacuation of Reach. The second disc shows the ongoing story and we are introduced to the Master Chief's ship, “The Pillar of Autumn.”

“Halo Reach” Soundtrack List Disc 2:

  1. New Alexandria.We can only assume that this is named after the city on Earth, which was in turn named after Alexander the Great.
  2. “The Package.” Who hasn't received a surprise, whether expected or unexpected?
  3. “The Pillar of Autumn. This Halo reach soundtrack song exposes you to the Master Chief's ship for the first time. You also get to see the first appearance of Spartans in the game.
  4. “Epilogue.Epilogue's usually come at the end of soundtrack. “Halo Reach” composers probably have a reason for including it in the middle of Disc 2.
  5. From the Vault.From the Vault reprises songs from earlier “Halo” games.
  6. “Ashes.The Covenant is often very good at leaving human settlement's in Ashes. What's worse, humanity is outnumbered, outmatched, and out gunned. It's a good thing they have Spartans on their side.
  7. We're Not Going Anywhere.” The title of this song explains it all. Humanity is determined not to give up and win against all odds.
  8. At Any Cost.” Victory, that is.
  9. "Both Ways." War can go one way or the other. Sometimes it can go both ways.
  10. “Walking Away.” At least in this case, they are not running away from the Covenant.
  11. “Ghosts and Glass.” This could be about the Covenant Banshee's or something more esoteric. Regardless of what it is about, it is an eerily haunting melody.
  12. We Remember.” "Remember Reach” echoes through the Halo Universe, the same way “Remember Pearl Harbor echoed throughout World War II.” Perhaps there was a good reason this, and not Epilogue was included last on the “Halo Reach” sound track.
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