Halo Wars Strategy

When it comes down to it, "Halo Wars" strategy is more of an art than anything else. "Halo Wars" is a 2009 real-time strategy videogame developed by Ensemble Studios and released by Microsoft Game Studios. "Halo Wars" has been praised for its impressive graphics, attention to detail, and streamlined RTS features. To get better at "Halo Wars" strategy you have to learn from the best; luckily, the best has been complied for you right here:

  1. Explore the map. Whether Covenant or UNSC, you begin the game with a trusty scout. For Anders, Cutter, and Forge you will receive a warthog; The Arbiter, Prophet of Regret, and Brute Chieftain will begin the game with a quick ghost unit.
  2. Don't micro manage. In "Halo Wars", the opportunity to control units that really don't need to be controlled often presents itself. If your army is battling an invader, don't redirect their attention to a single unit. Instead, the army will more than likely do things as efficient as possible.
  3. Supplies, and more supplies. Supply pads are the main way of obtaining resources in "Halo Wars". More supply pads equals more resources that can be used on soldiers, upgrades, new bases, or even allies. After building a supply pad, you can upgrade it to conserve spaces. Sergeant Forge's supply pads automatically are upgraded.
  4. Rush. Although not for everyone, many advanced "Halo Wars" players will build an army in a short amount of time for immediate invasion. This is usually very successful if done right, due to the fact that the opposing players usually aren't ready for a quick attack at the beginning of the game. If you can manage it, build a lot of supply pads in the beginning, a barracks, and start pumping out that infantry!
  5. Save yourself! Covenant leaders are invaluable on the battle field. If Arbiter Ripa/The Brute Chieftain/The Prophet is in danger, sweep them away via your command menu (Down on the D-Pad).
  6. Slowly but surely. The exact opposite of the "Rush" strategy, the "Turtle" strategy comes about when a player maximizes defenses so as to counteract any assaults. Then, while an offensive player is healing and licking its wounds from the last failed attempt, the "Turtle" player sends its larger (still intact) army to go and destroy what they have left.

From the "Turtle" to the "Rush", from the Covenant to the UNSC marines, "Halo Wars" strategy is variable. Yet, there are certain things that must be done in any successful game (such as building reactors and supply pads) regardless of "Halo Wars" allegiance. Hopefully your personal "Halo Wars" strategy has been improved just by reading this informative article. If that's the case then get going soldier, you have an army to command!

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