Hanes Or Fruit Of The Loom: Which Is Better?

The eternal question, Hanes or Fruit Of The Loom, which Is better? We all want quality over quantity, so the next time you go out to buy those undies think about "quality." Hanes is higher quality while Fruit of the Loom provides more quantity, so there's no doubt that Hanes is better.

Hanes' fabric seems to be more comfortable and could be sent to the washer numerous of times without causing the fabric to thin and wither. Hanes has recently formulated a new comfort strap for all of their briefs and they are so comfortable that you wouldn't even know that they're on. Their items seem to be more supportive than their counterpart, Fruit of the Loom. Also, Hanes seems to be upgrading to the best material, far more comfortable than Fruit of the Loom.

Fruit of the Loom's items are good on their price point and quantity as Hanes' items are a little more expensive. Although, you get your money's worth with Hanes. Going for anything just because it has more in the package and cheaper doesn't make it a great product. Most Fruit of the Loom items are thin and easily damaged. Hanes' items would last much longer than Fruit of the Loom items.

Buy wisely so that you won't have to come back to the store for the same exact item weeks later. You would be spending more money re-buying products that do not last. if you prefer quality underwear over a bunch of low grade underwear, Hanes is the choice over Fruit of the Loom.



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