Hang Gliding Equipment Essentials

If you are interested in getting into hang gliding, then you need to know some hang gliding equipment essentials. These are the types of equipment you will need to accumulate to be able to have a safe and fun hang gliding experience many times over.

  1. Hang Glider. This is obviously the most important part to your hang gliding equipment essentials, because, without it, you are just going to fall. You will want to inspect this piece of essential hang gliding equipment thoroughly. Some parts of it you want to check out are the straps that hold you to the hang glider, the nylon netting for the gliding, and the metal support system for the nylon. The two most important parts of this hang gliding equipment essential are definitely the nylon netting and the straps. Chances are the metal support is in decent condition, but if there are any flaws in the straps or the netting, avoid this hang glider until it can be repaired.
  2. Helmet. This little piece of hang gliding equipment will help to protect you hitting your head if you are in a bad landing. This may sound unlikely to happen, but also keep in mind there are birds and other hazards that could hit you head on while flying that could cause not only sight issues, but could also knock you unconscious which would of course be detrimental!
  3. Hang Gliding Boots. This piece of hang gliding equipment is essential for the fact that if you are just wearing tennis shoes, or even regular boots, you are putting your ankles and legs at risk. The idea is that when you come in for a landing, you will be going fast on the hang glider, so you will want special boots designed for hang gliding that have a tough sole and have ankle support so you don’t fall and harm yourself when coming in for the landing!



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