Hangover Pills That Really Work

If you occasionally overindulge in alcoholic beverages, you should learn about hangover pills that really work to avoid the headaches, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. While there are many hangover pills to choose from, the most effective have some common ingredients. Look for these in any hangover pill you purchase for real results.

  1. Activated Carbon Hangover pills that really work include activated carbon in their ingredients. Activated carbon absorbs contaminants and other impurities in the system, removing them from the bloodstream. This is the same product used in emergency rooms for poisoning, though hangover pills generally use a milder form.
  2. Vitamins, Minerals As alcohol dehydrates the body, large amounts of vitamins and minerals are lost. This is what causes the "shaky" feeling some experience as part of a hangover. The best hangover pills include vitamins and minerals to counteract this effect, especially Vitamin C and B vitamins.
  3. Milk Thistle Some hangover pills contain milk thistle, a natural substance thought to detoxify the liver. This supplement may speed up the body's metabolism, ridding the system of alcohol quickly.
  4. Calcium Carbonate or Calcium Bicarbonate Bicarbonates are electrolytes, which are purged by the body through dehydration when large amounts of alcohol are consumed. Calcium carbonate becomes calcium bicarbonate when it reacts with water, so hangover pills with this ingredient should work fine as well, provided you gulp down a glass of water with those pills. Calcium bicarbonate is the active ingredient in antacids and should relieve hangover nausea which is often caused by the body's overproduction of stomach acid following alcohol consumption.
  5. Painkillers, White Willow Bark Hangover pills with acetaminophen or white willow bark will relieve headaches and other hangover pain. White willow bark is basically natural aspirin and works in exactly the same way in the body.

Even when using hangover pills, their effectiveness can be maximized by following a few simple pointers.

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate the body as quickly as possible.
  • Sports drinks can help replenish electrolyte levels as well as hydrating the body.
  • Coffee or another drink containing caffeine increase alertness, but don't overdo it and end up suffering from jitteriness.
  • Hangover pills contain potent ingredients and directions for use should be carefully followed to avoid side effects.


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