Hank Aaron Stats

What are Hank Aaron's stats? Hank Aaron was the man who broke the record they thought would not be broken, Babe Ruth's Home Run record. He is also the man who some will argue, given recent events, that should still hold that record. Hank Aaron was an old school player who played pro baseball for twenty-two years. He played with the Milwaukee Brewers from 1954-1965, the Atlanta Braves from 1966-1975, and the Milwaukee Brewers again from 1975-1976. He was a right handed batting outfielder and was elected to the hall of fame in 1982.

Hank Aaron's career stats are:

  1. Career Seasons Played – 22 years with 2 different major league teams. The teams were the Milwaukee Brewers twice and Atlanta Braves once. This is a good long career which shows his durability as an athlete.
  2. Career Games Played – 3298 games over 22 seasons. This is an average of 149 games per season over a 22 year career. Impressive average to say the least, especially when compared to todays players.
  3. Career At Bats – 12364 at bats in 3298 games over a 22 year career. This is an average of 3.74 At Bats per game. This shows how valuable and consistent he was as an offensive player.
  4. Career Runs Scored – 2174 runs scored in 3298 games. That comes out to an average of .65 runs per game, or a run scored slightly less than every two games he played in. That is impressive.
  5. Career Hits – 3771 hits in 12364 at bats. That is an impressive .304 batting average. That is especially impressive when you consider he was also a power hitter, which the next stat will show.
  6. Career Home runs – 755 home runs in 12364 at bats. That is an amazing record where 6% of his at bats resulted in home runs. This was of course the record he was most known for.
  7. Career RBI's – 2297 Runs Batted In for 12364 at bats. That is an amazing 18.5% of his total at bats that resulted in him batting in a run.
  8. Career Stolen Bases – 240 stolen bases in 3298 games played. While that may not sound impressive one has to remember we are discussing a power hitter, who wore the Homerun crown. When considered like that, stealing a base in over 7% of your games is pretty impressive.

Those are Hank Aaron's stats. They are very impressive and show a very steady, reliable career of one of the best offensive players to ever play the game. When he retired after twenty-two years he held Major League records for home runs, total bases, extra base hits, and RBI's. That is some career. Hank Aaron was also considered one of the gentlemen of the game, who even when his homerun record was being chased by a controversial figure did nothing but support his bid to break it.

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