Hank Baskett Salary

Wondering what Hank Baskett's salary is? Although most National Football League fans are only familiar with superstar wide receivers such as Reggie Wayne, DeSean Jackson, or Andre Johnson, many forget that it is often those lower down on the depth chart that determine how far a team goes. Minnesota Vikings receiver Hank Baskett has been a reliable wide receiver for five seasons now and has accumulated over 1,000 career receiving yards in the process. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, Baskett has made a career with a salary that, although does not compare to other superstars at his position, still allows him to live comfortably.

2006 Season – Philadelphia Eagles With the Philadelphia Eagles football club in the 2006 NFL season, Baskett had a base salary of $275,000, along with a bonus of $20,000. This led to a total salary of $275,000 and a salary cap hit of the same value.

2007 Season – Philadelphia Eagles The next season, also with the Philadelphia Eagles, Baskett was paid a base salary of $360,000. His bonus was the same $20,000 that he received the previous season.

2008 Season- Philadelphia Eagles In 2008, while playing again for the Philadelphia Eagles, Baskett made $445,000 as his base salary. Being paid a bonus of $20,000, Baskett made over $450,000 this season.

2009 Season – Indianapolis Colts One game into the 2009 NFL season, the Eagles traded Baskett to the Indianapolis Colts, making the Colts responsible for the majority of Baskett's salary. That year, Baskett made a base salary of $700,000, in addition to a $100,000 bonus, totaling a salary of $800,000.

2010 Season – Minnesota Vikings In the 2010 offseason, Baskett signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings. The deal paid Baskett a base salary of $700,000, plus the same $100,000 bonus he received a year earlier. This totaled an annual salary of $800,000.

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