Hard Rock Cafe Locations

If you want to eat at a rock 'n' roll themed restaurant, there are Hard Rock Café locations all across the United States. The restaurants are known for their memorabilia, good music and occasional star sightings. The list below provides the locations of every Hard Rock Café in the country by region, so you'll be sure to find a restaurant near your area.

  1. The West California contains many Hard Rock Café restaurants. There are two in the city of Hollywood, with one on Hollywood Boulevard and the second in Universal City. There are also California Hard Rock Café locations in San Francisco, Oceanside and Carson City. Washington holds one Hard Rock Café restaurant located in Seattle. Hawaii has two Hard Rock Cafes located in Honolulu and Maui.
  2. The Southwest If you live in the Southwest, it might be a bit more difficult to find a Hard Rock Café but there are locations available. A number of Hard Rock Cafes are located in Texas. The state houses Hard Rock Cafes in the cities of San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. Colorado has a restaurant in Denver and Arizona houses a Hard Rock in Phoenix. One of the most famous Hard Rock Cafes is in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is also a casino and hotel at this location, so get ready to party if you plan on visiting.
  3. The Midwest The Midwest holds a number of Hard Rock Cafes in the region’s major urban areas. A famous restaurant location is Chicago, Illinois. Minnesota has a Hard Rock Café in Minneapolis, while Missouri contains a Hard Rock in St. Louis. Other Midwest Hard Rock Café locations include Indianapolis, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.
  4. The South The Southern state with the most Hard Rock Café restaurant locations is Florida. The state has restaurant chains in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Hollywood and Destin. Louisiana has two Hard Rock Café locations in New Orleans and Biloxi, while Tennessee has three Hard Rocks in Memphis, Nashville and Gatlinburg. Other Southern regions with Hard Rock Café restaurants include Atlanta, Georgia; Louisville, Kentucky and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  5. The North If you live in the North, there are plenty of Hard Rock Café locations for you to sample in the major urban areas of the region. New York contains two restaurants in New York City and Yankee Stadium, while New Jersey has a restaurant in Atlantic City. Pennsylvania contains restaurants in the major cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Other northern locations for Hard Rock Cafes are Boston, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland; Foxwoods, Connecticut and Washington D.C.
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