Hater Quotes By Rappers

Whether you love to hate or hate to love rappers; many hater quotes by rappers are creative and clever retorts or criticisms directed at a fellow rapper or a situation. As if striking a gold mine, the beef between or among rappers have made these entertainers more famous and rich than they already are. Just goes to show one person’s misery is another man’s happiness.

  1. “Niggas hate what they can’t understand, fear what they can’t conquer.”  – Simply put people tend to sour-grape about things they cannot get. That’s how hip-hop rapper Nas plays it in his 1999 song "Hate Me Now" featuring Puff Daddy, his contribution on the collection of hater quotes by rappers.
  2. "Ask Canibus, he ain't understandin this/’99% of your fans… don’t exist’– LL Cool J’s beef with Canibus created a fuss in rap industry and became one of the classic hater quotes by rappers in this millennium. Talk about foreshadowing! Canibus’ career eventually went downhill after all the drama with LL.
  3. “I hope that your fans understand, when you talk about playin me, the same records that your making, is paying me.” – When Dr Dre slated Eazy E in his album, supposedly baring E’s devious ways, Easy E turned the tables and had the last laugh. His retaliation rap earning him millions of dollars with its ingenuity.  Among the hater quotes by rappers, the karma of the song came on pretty strong.
  4. “Giving your set a bad name with your misspelled name, “E.I.H.T” now should I continue? Yeah, you left out the “G” cuz the “G” aint in you” – Another classic hater quote by rappers, DJ Quik’s and MC Eiht’s feud is a classic case of the Bloods and Crips struggle. It was sealed nice and tight by the song “Dollaz + Sense.” 
  5. “You can’t be the Niggaz 4 Life crew, with a White Jew telling you what to do” –When Ice Cube left N.W.A. he took the beating first with the group dissing him left and right. But when the perfect time came, Ice Cube came back with a vengeance even slighting NWA’s manager Jerry Heller with this classic hater quote.  Ice Cube’s one of the richest rappers in the land while N.W.A is now MIA (missing in action). Nothing could be sweeter than revenge.
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