Haunted Houses In Ohio

Haunted houses in Ohio range from impressive mansions to houses with cellars that housed runaway slaves. These haunted houses are said to have ghostly residents who met their tragic ends there.

  1. Franklin Castle. Reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Cleveland County, Ohio, this dark, stone-walled house looks the part with its secret passageways, turret, and wrought iron fence. The ghosts of the babies whose skeletons were found in the back yard can be heard crying. The victims of Nazi machine-gun murders, an axe murder in the tower, and the hanging of an illegimate daughter have been reported to appear as visions and voices, as in other haunted houses. 4308 Franklin Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. Ohio State Reformatory. One of Ohio’s most impressive buildings, and one of the most haunted houses, is just outside Mansfield in Fairfield County. The dark gothic building was the backdrop of four movies, including Shawshank Redemption. You might just see the ghosts of hanged prisoners, the superintendent’s wife who shot herself, or any number of the inmates sentenced to the electric chair, on one of the night time tours conducted around Halloween each year. 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, Ohio.
  3. Mudhouse Mansion. Also in Fairfield County, this imposing hilltop mansion, now abandoned, looks just one of the haunted houses of legends. One of several stories is that one of the owners kept slaves locked up there and one of the slaves escaped and killed the family. Ghosts of Bloody Mary, mass-suicide victims and children killed by their parents have been reported in the house. 4730 Mudhouse Road, Lancaster, Ohio.
  4. Sidwell House. One of the best-known haunted houses in Muskingum County, this brick house with gingerbread trims is now overgrown with vines. It is said that you can smell bacon frying in the morning and see lights in the windows after dark. Like many haunted houses it has resident ghosts: a newlywed couple, murdered in their bed, and a whole family murdered by their father. Route 22 and Route 93, Zanesville, Ohio.
  5. Trinway House. Also called Prospect house, this is one of the most historic haunted houses in Ohio. Built in the mid 1800’s, this makes it one of the oldest haunted houses in the county of Muskingum and famous as a part of the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves. The ghosts of a girl who threw herself out of an upstairs window during a dinner party, and a mother and daughter who died of pneumonia have been seen warming themselves by the fire on a cold night. 12150 Main Street, Trinway, Ohio.
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