Haunted Places In Indiana

If you are an avid ghost hunter, then you will definitely want to visit one of the many haunted places in Indiana. This state is home to numerous places where you can experience the thrill of coming face to face with men and women whose ghosts continue to haunt the world of the living.

  1. The Haunted Bridge, Avon- This haunted place in Indiana is the final resting place of an Irish railroad worker who perished by falling into a vat of wet cement. The company decided not to recover his body (deeming it to be too time consuming, considering he was already dead), and his ghost started to haunt the area. In fact, it still haunts the area today, wandering hopelessly.
  2. The Barbee Hotel- If you are looking for a truly frightening haunted place, look no further than this location on Barbee Lake. This hotel was very popular with numerous celebrities and other famous (and infamous people) including Rita Hayworth and Al Capone. There are numerous ghostly events here, including orbs floating in pictures, the sound of steps on the stairs when no one is there, and a ghostly old man sitting in a booth who disappears when examined too closely.
  3. Rock Quarry in Cedar Lake- This haunted location was the site of a truly grisly and terrible event. According to local legend, a deeply disturbed man, who ran a homeless shelter for boys, killed his wife one night and buried her in the quarry. Losing his mind, he proceeded to kill the boys under his charge and bury them in the quarry as well. Most nights you can hear the boys laughing, but on the anniversary of the night they died you can hear their screams and the grunts of the old man as he attempts to bury their bodies once more.
  4. The Haunted Railroad Bridge in Columbus- This haunted Indiana place was the site of a truly sad story, when an unwed mother threw herself and her child off the bridge to her death. Although her body was recovered, the baby never was, and you can sometimes see a creature with yellow eyes guarding the bridge. You can also hear the baby cry and hear the mother’s anguished cries for her lost baby.
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