Haunted Places In PA

If you are interested in pursuing strange and sometimes terrifying ghostly encounters, then you should definitely try to visit any of the numerous haunted places in Pennsylvania.  These places, which are supposedly haunted by the ghosts of those who once lived there, are a great way to explore the world of the supernatural.

  1. Friendship Hill – This haunted location, which is located in the town of Point Marion, Pennsylvania, was once the residence of an influential politician named Albert Gallatin.  This stately old home is supposedly haunted by the spirit of his first wife, who died suddenly less than a year after they were married.  There are rumors that her remains were moved after her death, and the park rangers and staff claim to hear her ghost walking around the upper floors of the house.
  2. Farnsworth Inn – Located in the very haunted city of Gettysburg, this haunted Pennsylvania place is supposedly one of the most haunted inns in the United States.  During the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, Confederate sharpshooters used the attic to shoot at Union soldiers below.  It is supposedly these soldiers who continue to make their presence felt in this spooky hotel, even to the point where some guests cannot stay the entire night.  Although the attic is the most haunted room, almost all of the rooms have some ghostly activity reported.
  3. Nemacolin Castle – This fascinating haunted place in Pennsylvania has a long history stretching back into the 1700s, when it was established as a trading point along the river.  Although it is rumored that it was part of the Underground Railroad, there is no supporting evidence of this.  However, it is certainly a very haunted place, and there are reports of at least ten ghosts that have been seen in the building.  The most famous of these are Elizabeth (often described as a lady) and Mary, a young girl with dark, curly hair.
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