Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Brush up on Hawaiian airlines' baggage policy before heading off for your trip. This will ensure that your journey is as relaxing as possible. Luggage is the last thing on your mind when you're getting ready to leave for a vacation. However, you will need to think about it if you want to have a smooth trip. Otherwise, you're going to face unnecessary hassles and delays. You may even have to pay additional fees if your bags are over the weight limit. Learn Hawaiian airlines' baggage policy so you won't have to deal with these issues at the last minute.

Checked Baggage Fees When flying to Hawaii, you will have to pay $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for each additional bag. Pre-pay online if you want to get a better deal. The Hawaiian airlines website also offers discounts. Keep in mind that the price is only $10 for the first bag and $17 for extra bags if you’re flying within the Hawaiian Islands.

Checked Baggage Weight Restrictions Before you head off to the airport, ensure that none of your bags weigh more than 70 pounds. It’s part of the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy to reject anything that weighs over this amount. If your bag weighs between 50 and 70 pounds, be prepared to pay an additional $50 for an excess baggage fee.

Carry-on Luggage Each traveller is allowed to take one item of carry-on luggage. Along with that, you are also allowed to take one personal item. For instance, you can take one bag and then use your laptop as a personal item. According to the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy, incidental items will not count towards these limits. You can carry your camera and umbrella without worry.

Carry-on Luggage for Babies There is no carry-on allowance for lap babies. Any bags that you have with baby items will count towards your carry-on luggage allowance. If you have a stroller or car seat, it would be best to check them in. It’s free and you can avoid having to pay an extra baggage fee. If you carry them on, they are subjected to normal carry-on limits.

Unusual Luggage Because of the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy, your items will have to be cleared by the TSA before they are allowed onboard. You cannot take anything that poses a threat to the safety of the aircraft. For instance, lighters are not allowed in your checked baggage because they can ignite a fire. You can even take your surfboard, but it will be classified as oversized baggage and there will be an excess baggage fee of $50 to take it.

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