Hawaiian Sayings

Popular sayings express their wisdom in every culture of the world, and these Hawaiian sayings will show you some of the most popular island expressions out there. These phrases, which are known by multiple generations and used ordinarily in day-to-day life, offer insights that will help you to perceive life differently. Although popular sayings have universal value, the places they originate from add a little bit of local personality to them. These Hawaiian sayings express the sentiments of happy people who enjoy a dose of sunshine and the gentleness of the ocean waves. Enjoy them. 

  1. "Do not set aside the teachings of your elders." A popular Hawaiian saying that illustrates that sometimes, young people don’t take seriously what older people say. Older people have accumulated useful observations in the course of their lives that can prevent others from having a bad experience.   
  2. "No cliff is so tall that it cannot be scaled." According to this Hawaiian saying, no problem is so big that can’t be solved. Perhaps it won’t unravel in an expected way, but there is always a way to fix it.
  3. "An opportunity to help another is a gift. To live with Aloha is to have a giving nature." Give for the pleasure of giving, do not expect something in return. Generosity is a human impulse that touches deeply when it appears. It can make you feel a sensation of contentment, even if you just helped a stranger do something simple. This Hawaiian saying transmits the ordinary Hawaiian kindness. 
  4. "Live in harmony with other people and the world around you." This Hawaiian saying repeats a common theme of native cultures that the peaceful and harmonious environment that everyone needs and seeks starts in your home and pesonal surroundings. No one else can do it for you, it’s in your will to start doing it.  
  5. "A good surfer will not get wet." A typical Hawaiian saying that means that anyone can deal with any risky assignment without jeopardizing himself. 
  6. "Paddle together, bail, paddle; paddle, bail; paddle towards the land." Meaning that hard work is necessary to succeed and arrive safe to where you intend to go. 
  7. "Strive for the summit." Success means something different to everyone. We have to do our best to reach as high as we can go.
  8. "Never judge a day by the weather." This typical Hawaiian saying tells us that a rainy day does not necessarily mean that you will have a bad day, in the same way that a rough exterior of a person doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be trusted. 
  9. "Speak softly and wear a loud shirt." Speak what you think gently, but stay firm in your beliefs. 
  10. "No rain, no rainbows." A Hawaiian saying that emphasizes that sometimes, in order to achieve your most desired goal, you first have to overcome a period of difficulties and tensions. 
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