Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Are you wondering about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar? You have most likely heard some of the many reported benefits of this common kitchen cupboard staple. Science is undecided on many of claims and it is recommended that users considering apple cider vinegar supplements discuss it with a health care provider. What are ten benefits that are commonly claimed by apple cider vinegar supporters and natural health enthusiasts?

  1. Aids weight loss programs. For centuries, folk medicine has reported positive benefits of ingesting apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Modern studies have shown minimal results with white vinegar consumption, but because of the highly acidic nature of vinegar, over consumption may lead to damage to the mouth and throat tissue.
  2. Improve digestion. Using apple cider vinegar as a digestion aid is another folk medicine practice that has been reborn in recent years. Results may actually be minimal and, as with its use as a weight loss aid, consumption may cause other concerns over time.
  3. Boosts complexion. From use in exfoliation to acne treatment, proponents of vinegar report its success in the treatment conditions on the body’s exterior as well as the interior. Again, scientific research shows only minimal benefits to vinegar’s usage as a complexion aid.
  4. May aid in arthritis treatment. Some scientific research does support the joint health benefits of apple cider vinegar. However, as other research into these claims surface, the results are minimal in comparison to other available medications and treatments.
  5. May lower blood pressure. As with joint health, some research results have been produced to indicate that vinegar may positively impact blood pressure and heart health. Studies have concluded that acetic acid, as present in vinegar, may lower blood pressure in laboratory rats, but studies testing similar effects on humans has been inconclusive.
  6. Treats acid reflux. Along the lines of other claims of digestion health, it has been reported that apple cider vinegar reduces heartburn and attacks of acid reflux. Some users, however, have reported the opposite in a worsening of symptoms because of the acidic nature of the vinegar.
  7. May help treat diabetes. Research does indicate that apple cider vinegar changes insulin levels in the body. This may have a positive or a negative result depending on other treatments used and the status of the medical condition.
  8. Helps relieve symptoms of sunburn. Some users report a cooling of the burn associated with sunburn as the vinegar evaporates from the skin. While the benefit may be short lived, there seems to be no real harm in giving it a try.
  9. May reduce unhealthy cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar has also been shown in laboratory studies to have a positive effect on the cholesterol of rats. The efficacy of vinegar on cholesterol has yet to be proven in humans.
  10. May help relieve symptoms of chronic pain sufferers. Some users report a decrease in the pain associated with chronic pain disorders when apple cider vinegar is consumed. Again, proof in large scientific studies has not validated such claims.