Health Benefits Of Swimming

The health benefits of swimming are numerous. Unlike other sports, which may provide only minimal health benefits, swimming can improve your health in a number of different ways. In order to achieve the best health benefits, it is important that those who are interested in improving their health swim for at least thirty minutes each day. Those who are very new to swimming may want to consider hiring a swim coach or personal trainer in order to achieve optimal results when it comes to swimming for exercise.

  1. Improvements in cardiovascular fitness. Cardiovascular fitness is probably one of the best all-around health benefits of swimming. Cardiovascular fitness cannot only help in the prevention of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other similar conditions, but may actually help to keep weight in check.
  2. Increased strength. Increases in muscular strength is important, especially as we age. Swimming is a great way to increase muscular strength, in both the upper and lower body. Strength increases are typically seen most in those who start with the lowest level of muscular strength. Individuals who are already relatively strong when starting a swimming program may not see as obvious of benefits.
  3. Improved flexibility. Like strength, improved flexibility is important as we age. An increase in flexibility can not only help to protect against sports-related injuries, but also can actually improve athletic performance. Like strength increases, the individuals who will see the most dramatic improvements in flexibility are those with little prior to starting the program.



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