Heart Rate Monitors For Running: 5 Best

Curious about heart rate monitors for running and the 5 best options? Finding the right heart rate monitor for running depends on what you are looking for in a heart rate monitor. Whether you hate those cumbersome chest straps or you need to be able to track your heart rate over time, one of these heart rate monitors will work for you.

  1. New Balance HRT Fit Heart Rate Monitor. This heart rate monitor for running is simple and inexpensive. There's no chest strap or foot chip to hassle with. You can take your heart rate at any time during your run by putting two fingers on the metal bezel for three to eight seconds. You don't even have to press a button. This heart rate monitor alerts you if you are not keeping your target heart rate. This is one of the best heart rate monitors you can get.
  2. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS. This computer-like heart rate monitor is everything a runner could ask for. The Garmin delivers precise heart rate data and even has a "course" feature that lets you race against previous workouts. You can compare your pace and heart rate to your past runs. If you are considering a triathlon, this heart rate monitor's "multi-sport feature" allows you to transition to your ideal heart rate for cycling or swimming.
  3. Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor. If you want to make an investment, the FT80 heart rate monitor is a great heart rate monitor for running. It is like having a running partner with you at all times. This heart rate monitor adapts to your training and helps you reach your pre-determined weekly goals. The FT80 can test your aerobic fitness in just five minutes. In addition to accurately calculating your heart rate, the FT80 also shows you calories burned and saves your workout data (up to 100 workouts).
  4. Omron HR-100C. You probably haven't heard of the Omron heart rate monitor for running. It doesn't save 100 workout files or yell at you if you are going too slow. The Omron is the best heart rate monitor for runners on a budget. At only $35, the Omron accurately calculates your heart rate and even has an alarm alert if you are not at your target heart rate. This heart rate monitor is ideal for beginning runners or any runner who wants a simple, mostly accurate, digital heart rate monitor.
  5. Suunto T4 Heart Rate Monitor. This is a serious heart rate monitor for running. The T4 calculates your heart rate, calories burned and training progress data. The "coach" feature keeps you on track by telling you when to increase your intensity. The T4 heart rate monitor chest strap is supposed to be very comfortable and it is also compatible with the Suunto GPS foot POD.


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