Heath Ledger Was Too Much For Michelle Williams

Numerous personal issues of Heath Ledger being too much for Michelle Williams–his fiancee and mother to his daughter, Matilda–plagued them for the years they had been together since the set of "Brokeback Mountain." Rumors persisted that the embattled star dealt with substance abuse, depression and loss of sleep due to his growing stardom. Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger both tried to work on their problems throughout their engagement, but they were too much for her to handle since they broke up years later. Heath Ledger's drug abuse bothered Michelle Williams deeply as she fought hard to leave him with their daughter while he continued to live in New York. Many of Heath Ledger's friends noticed how much this affected him as Heath became more and more introverted and distant which caused his loss of sleep.

Heath Ledger's role as the Joker was as taxing to him as the reality of the break up with Michelle Williams that he took Ambien, a sleeping medication, in order to catch up on rest. The pressure and loneliness began to sink the troubled star into darker spiral of drugs that, after Michelle Williams, he went through a series of relationships with women, such as Mary-Kate Olsen. Even his closest friend, Jake Gyllenhaal worried for his wellbeing because Heath Ledger's problems were too much for Michelle Williams to stay in their relationship. Additionally, Gyllenhaal was the godfather to Heath's daughter, Matilda. Regretfully, Heath Ledger passed away of an accidental overdose to prescription medication.

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