Heavy Bag Workout

If you are looking to do some boxing workouts with a heavy bag, then you should the correct way to do a heavy bag workout. Many different instructors will tell you many different ways to do a proper heavy bag workout, and none are necessarily wrong, but here is one way you can do for guaranteed results!

What you will need:

  • A heavy punching bag
  • A partner
  1. Start your heavy bag workout by stretching. If you try and do your workout without stretching, you have a very high risk of pulling a muscle in your arm, so limber up. To properly do your arm stretches, you need to put one arm behind your head with your hand hanging down and then pull that arm down with your other arm. Repeat this exercise by switching arms and you will have properly stretched your triceps. Now put one arm out in straight out in front of you and, using the other arm, pull that arm to the side of your body that the arm you are pulling with is on. After doing this with both arms, your biceps are ready for a workout.
  2. Have your partner stand behind the bag and hold it so it doesn’t swing around. You don’t want the bag to move around while you’re hitting it because you risking breaking your finger or wrist. If you try and hit a punching bag with momentum behind it, your hand or wrist is going to take all of the momentum from that heavy bag and possibly not be able to hold up.
  3. Start your actual heavy bag workout with a couple of combinations. There is no best way to punch a bag, but you want to develop a rhythm in your punches so you are in control and not a sporadic hitter. To pull this off, simply “feel” the punches and do what feels natural. Try doing a jab, jab, hook combination to start, and try an uppercut and random intervals. A good thing to try and do is balance out the amount of jabs, uppers cuts, and hooks that you do in one session just so you can get an equal feel for each.
  4. If one hit feels awkward when you try and do it, practice that hit more heavily. For example, if you can’t get a comfortable uppercut, or you can’t get any power behind your uppercut, practice that punch more heavily than you do your others because the trick to a good heavy bag workout is equal use of all muscles in your arms so you reach a point of equilibrium.
  5. After you have come up with some combinations and sets for your heavy bag workout, change them up! Don’t get caught up in a rut because if you ever want to use these to fight in boxing or another type of martial arts, then you don’t want to develop the bad habit of just doing one set of punches even on your bag because your opponent will figure that out and use it against you!
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