Herbal Supplements To Decrease Male Libido

Sometimes there is a need for herbal supplements to decrease male libido. There are many medications that are known to have the effect of lowering libido, but not many supplements have been reported for this. However, Black willow tea is known to lower libido. Its effects are temporary if not short lived. It is also known for it's anti-inflammatory effects; early settlers in America used it. This is not a common tea, and will not normally be found in stores. It is also not commonly used to reduce libido and is not marketed in such a fashion.

  1. First, you must find Black willow bark. Unfortunately, searching for herbal supplements to decrease male libido may not yield many results. This is because it is not a normal request and not much is known in this area. You will most likely not find Black willow in a tea form. Instead try to find it labeled, as Black will bark. This will provide a package with the dried Black willow.
  2. Second, steep the Black willow in boiling water. The Black willow bark most likely will not come in a pre-made fashion for steeping in water. You must measure out the amount of this herb to use. You should boil one to two tsp of dried bark in eight oz of water.
  3. Third, cut the taste of the tea, which may be bitter, with some lemon or other citrus. This tea mixture can be very strong. It is best to mix it half and half.  The effect this herbal supplement will have on decreasing male libido will differ from person to person. In general the libido will return stronger after the tea wears off. Thus this is a temporary solution only. Herbal supplements to decrease male libido such as Black willow tea, may be uncommon but they can be effective for short-term relief.

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