Herbs To Help The Male Sex Drive

Learn about herbs to help the male sex drive and increase libido safely and naturally. There are several herbs to help the male sex drive, though what you take may depends on the underlying issues from which your decreased sex drive arises. Herbs to help the male sex drive may either work directly on the sex drive or on other affecting issues such as stress, depression or fatigue.

  1. Several herbs to help the male sex drive act directly on the biological aspect of arousal. Gingko Biloba increases blood flow throughout the body, resulting in the proper blood flow needed to maintain an erection. Ginseng improves hormone balance and blood flow to the genitals and is yet another one of the highly recommended herbs to help the male sex drive. Finally, Muira Puama is an herb which has been found to effectively increase sex drive in men.
  2. Other herbs to help the male sex drive work through indirect action, relieving underlying conditions which affect libido. Stress and depression are often identified as underlying conditions in cases of low libido in men. These may be caused by life circumstances or a medical basis, such as the lower testosterone levels experienced by men as they age. To use herbs to help the male sex drive in these cases, it is vital that the underlying disorder be diagnosed and addressed. Libido should increase as these other issues are worked on and resolved. St. John's wort is a well-known herb for the relief of mild to moderate depression. Stress can be addressed through herbal remedies including the use of bacopa or kava kava, two widely known stress relieving herbs.
  3. A combination of herbs to help the male sex drive may produce the best results. Perhaps an herb directly affecting male sex drive and function, along with one addressing underlying emotional issues, will work best for some men. In addition, a comprehensive treatment plan includes not just herbs to help the male sex drive, but other supplements. At the very least, men who are having trouble with low libido should be taking a multi-vitamin that provides plenty of zinc and magnesium, vital components for proper sexual functioning in males.


Low Sexual Desire in Women and Men

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