Hernia Surgery Recovery Time

A hernia can be a painful disruption in your life, but hernia surgery recovery time does not have to be very long. With luck, your hernia surgery will only require one to two weeks of major recovery time. However, you must take great caution when lifting objects for as long as a month or more afterward.

It is possible to return to routine, daily activities in as little as a few days, and to return to work and recreational activity after about fourteen days. This will depend on the quality of care you receive and whether or not there are any surgery complications. It also depends on the type of job you have. More sedentary positions will require less hernia surgery recovery time than if a person requires muscle strain on the job.

There may be restrictions placed on you during your hernia surgery recovery time that are more than just to refrain from lifting. Some doctors recommend not driving for 5-7 days. Also, one should not do any activities or perform any exercises that might put pressure on a newly-repaired hernia.

Hernia surgery is usually an outpatient surgery unless a person has a recurrent or unique hernia. Surgery complications occur in only about 10% of the cases. Your doctor's skills can impact your hernia surgery recovery time, so do research on specific doctors before committing to surgery unless the pain become unbearable and it is absolute emergency. Also, hernias might impact the function of certain organs depending on where the hernia is located. This might hasten the need for hernia surgery. 

A hernia is a protrusion of tissue or organs that has poked through the membrane that is supposed to hold it in. Hernias can be painful or non-painful, so a person may be able to go weeks, months or even years without getting a hernia repaired. Once the decision is made, however, to have hernia surgery, it is good to know exactly what to expect during the hernia surgery recovery time.

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