Hernia Symptoms In Men

These hernia symptoms in men can help you determine whether or not you have a hernia. A hernia occurs when soft tissue, usually a portion of the intestines, protrudes through an opening or weak spot in your lower abdominal wall. It can produce pain and swelling on your abdomen or in the groin area.

Any activity that increases pressure can worsen a hernia, including lifting, coughing, and even bowel movements. There are many different types of hernias. In men, the most common type is an inguinal hernia in the groin area. While not necessarily dangerous, hernias do not improve or leave on their own. Enlarging, painful hernias may require surgical repair, which is a fairly common procedure. Here are some common hernia symptoms to watch for.

  1. Groin bulges. Bulges are probably the primary sign and symptom of inguinal hernias in men. Look for a bulge in the groin region, on either side of your pubic bone.
  2. Burning bulges. Are you experiencing a burning or aching sensation in the bulge area? Burning, gurgling sensations and groin aches are also hernia symptoms in men.
  3. Groin pain. Groin pain is another sign of inguinal hernia. The pain is most pronounced when you bend over, cough, or lift something.
  4. Groin weakness. Men with hernias often feel pressure or weakness in the groin area. This is another common hernia symptom.
  5. Scrotal pain. If a protruding intestine descends into your scrotum, you can experience scrotal pain and swelling in the area around your testicles. This is an occasional hernia symptom in men. 

Your doctor may recommend a watch-and-wait approach if you have a small hernia that doesn’t bother you. However, if the hernia continues to grow, or if it is very painful, surgery may be necessary. Surgical repair is a common procedure that can relieve your pain and prevent serious complications.

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