Herpes Simplex Treatment

Not every Herpes Simplex treatment is the same. In fact, the argument can be made that every Herpes Simplex outbreak is different, and requires its own unique treatment plan. Yet, there are parallels that biomedicine offers in terms of Herpes Simplex treatments.

There are two different types of Herpes Simplex. As many people call it, "Herpes" comes in two forms: HSV-1 and HSV-2. The specific strain that one encounters can determine which of the Herpes Simplex treatments will be utilized to combat it.

The body is a form of Herpes Simplex treatment in itself. According to the National Library of Medicine, Herpes outbreaks decrease naturally (usually) over time. Although immune systems vary from person to person, time has a way of dealing with persistent Herpes Simplex.

Anti-viral medication is very common. Herpes Simplex is often effectively combated by the usage of anti-viral medicine. Aciclovir, valaciclovir, famciclovir, and penciclovir are some of the most used antivirals. Evidence seems to support the idea of these medications being effective combatants against Herpes.

Some Herpes victims use topical medicine. Topical antivirals, such as penciclovir, are used as effective treatments for Herpes. Docosanol, another topical Herpes Simplex medicine, can be purchased over-the-counter in Canada and the United States.

There is always Alternative Medicine. Since Herpes Simplex is an elusive and constantly evolving virus, those who suffer from it might also seek out Alternative Medicine to aid in their struggle. Although these treatments have less evidence to support their usage than biomedicinal ones, some studies (and users) promote their benefits. Laser, dietary, and aloe vera remedies are some common Herpes Simplex treatments in this category.

As one can see, not every Herpes Simplex treatment is the same. In fact, with the wide variety of Alternative Medicinal remedies out there today, every case is different. For more information on Herpes and its treatments, consult your licensed physician.

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