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"He's Just Not that Into You" is a best-selling book by Greg Behrendt turned successful movie, in large part to the great female leads. The movie, which was released in 2009, highlights a few of the books main points through romantic happenings of nine individuals in their twenties and thirties. Some are single, engaged and even married. The movie is set in Baltimore and each of the nine lives are intertwind by one person knowing another who knows another. Think, the six degrees of separation, only less.

At the core of the multiple stories is Gigi, a young woman who misinterprets the signs that men give her about their level of interest. The other plots in the movie stem from two of her coworkers: Beth, the unsettled woman who wants to be engaged and Janine, the un-happily married woman who's husband is having an affair. The lover is Anna, a woman who leads on a man she doesn't like and her best friend Mary, unknowingly falls for. It's a tangled web of lies and deception but it's a great portrayal of what it means when he doesn't call, doesn't come home, etc.

Ginnifer Goodwin stars as Gigi. Ginnifer's first staring role was in "Mona Lisa Smile", "Walk the Line", "In the Land of Women" and is the HBO hit "Big Love" before playing the misguided Gigi. Her career took off pretty quickly and she has become known as "Face of the Future", an award given in to her in 2008 by MaxMara recognizing up and coming women in film.

Jennifer Connelly stars as Janine. Jennifer got her start into film by playing Sarah in "Labyrinth". She did some other work but her big breakthrough was the 2000 film "Requiem for a Dream". Then she stared in "A Beautiful Mind", "Blood Diamond" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

Jennifer Aniston stars as Beth. Aniston will probably always be known for her decade-long appearance as Rachel Green on NBC's "Friends", which earned her an Emmy, a Golden Globe and SAG Award, among many others. That, or her stint as Mrs. Brad Pitt. However, Aniston is one of Hollywood's favorite ladies. Aniston has stared in "The Object of My Affection", "Office Space", "The Good Girl", "Bruce Almighty", "Marley & Me", "The Break-up" and "The Bounty Hunter".

Scarlett Johannson stars as Anna. She made her film debut in the 1994 film "North". Johannson acted in many other movies during her early years but in 2005 she made a smashing imprint into major Hollywood movies in "The Island" and "Match Point". She also stared in "The Prestige", "The Nanny Diaries", "The Other Boleyn Girl" and the upcoming "Iron Man 2". She is considered a top sex symbol and has appeared in Vanity Fair many times. She is outspoken and takes a stand against causes that she believes in. She has lashed out against Hollywood many times for promoting images that cause unhealthy diets and eating disorders in young girls. She is married to Ryan Reynolds.

Drew Barrymore stars as Mary. She is one of the few child star success stories. She got her start at the age of five in "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial". She grew up on the big screen. Some of her most memorable roles are "The Wedding Singer", "Ever After", "Never Been Kissed", "Charlie's Angels", "Riding in Cars with Boys", "50 First Dates", "Music and Lyrics" and HBO's "Grey Gardens", which won her her first Golden Globe. Barrymore has also made her directorial debut in 2009 with "Whip It". 

"He's Just Not That Into You" also stars Justin Long, Ben Affleck, Kevin Connely, Bradley Cooper and Kris Kristofferson. But, when you are trying to remember the ladies who star in this film, just mention the Jennifers–with three of the nine stars having that name, you're sure to figure it out.


He's Just Not That Into You

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