Hide Facebook Posts From Family

If you have a Facebook profile, you may have wondered how to hide Facebook posts from your family. Sometimes there are just things you don’t want family members to see, in which case, you need to work on your security for your Facebook page.

Things you'll need:

  • Facebook account
  • Computer with internet access
  1. Sign onto Facebook and click on the “Account” button on the far right at the top of the page. Click “Privacy Settings” on the drop-down menu. Once there, you will presented with a page called “Choose Your Privacy Settings” that has two options: “Connecting on Facebook” and “Sharing on Facebook.” For this task, you need to look at the “Sharing on Facebook” option.  
  2. Underneath the “Sharing on Facebook” header will be a layout indicating what parts of your profile are hidden or not. They are divided up between these four categories: “Everyone," “Friends of Friends,” “Friends Only” and “Other.” Beneath this layout, click the “Customize Settings” link. You will now be at a page titled “Customize Settings.” A list dividing up the things you share on your profile will be listed. The first item on the list is “Posts by Me.” Click the button next to it. This will reveal a drop-down menu giving you options for privacy settings. To hide Facebook posts from family, you will need to click the “Custom” option.  
  3. A new window will open up with two options called “Make this visible to” and “Hide this from.” If you only want people who are friends with you to be able to see your posts, click “Friends Only.” To hide posts from your family, you will need to work in the “Hide this from” option. Next to the phrase “These people” there will be an empty bar that will allow you to type in people’s names. Type in the members of your family and click “Save Setting.”  
  4. Changes should be reflected in the Privacy Settings list. To make sure that these changes were saved, click the “Preview My Profile” button at the top of the “Customize Settings” page. You can then type in the name of a member of your family at the top of the page to see how your profile appears to that specific person.  
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