High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid for Men


Think twice before you bite into that sardine next time because it's one of those high cholesterol foods to avoid for men. And you thought they were healthy, didn't you?  Just goes to show you that some of the foods that are often pushed because they're high in protein and Omega-3 Fatty acids can actually be bad, bad, bad.


Don't get carried away with breakfast.


A single egg yolk contains 71 percent of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), or 210 milligrams of cholesterol.  Compare that to if you ate the entire egg which would give you 71 percent of the RDA.  See where this is going?  All the bad cholesterol is contained in the yolk.  Opt for egg whites only, guys.


It's just tastes better with butter!


And that might be true in some cases, like popcorn, baked potatoes, burgers and, well, heck…a lot of stuff.  Just keep in mind that a single spoon of butter contains ten percent of your RDA.  It may not seem like a lot but once you break open a nice steamed lobster and start dipping then your counts starts to compound.  It's a high cholesterol food for men that is soaked in unfairness.


And speaking of shellfish…


One hundred grams of shrimp will shove 65 percent of the cholesterol RDA down your gullet.  Once you start eating those tasty little crawlers they can quickly add up.  One large shrimp equals about four percent of the RDA and… You can see where this is going.  Once you start drinking some beer, peeling shrimp and dunking them in butter!  Wooo!  Heart attack city!  Wonder if Bubba was aware?


Take it easy, Rico Suave.


Oysters are the famous aphrodisiac.  Take a lady out and order oysters and she knows exactly what your intentions are.  (It's not that smooth, guy, but it works!)  Just know that once you get her into bed you may keel over from an obstruction in the carotid because your ingesting 2.5 percent RDA per oyster.  You're setting yourself up for an awkward autopsy.  "What was happening when he stopped breathing, ma'am?"…."Well…"


Then there are the social foods.


Processed meats and cheese can drive your cholesterol up like a naked politician's Twitter fan page.  Sausage and bratwurst will provide up to 50 percent of the RDA in a single serving and certain cheeses will provide close to 40 percent with Gouda and Fontina being the worst.  Stay away and you will have never sausage a gouda cholesterol count!  See what we did there?

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