High Diving Teaching Tips

The best high diving teaching tips and techniques are those that work effectively for your student. That's because there are some basic techniques that apply to every student in a diving class. Let's look at what those are and how to teach them. That way you can be the very best diving teacher around. These tips and techniques that will help you to do that.

  1. Start the best high diving teaching tips with strength training. Have your student work with whole body weights. Have them lift weights using the best strength techniques in order to build and tone and create strength everyday.
  2. Then practice the movements of the dive techniques. Show them how to move, one move at a time. This is one of the best tips for your diving students. They must perfect this on the ground for three weeks before they move on to the dive.
  3. When they have learned that information for the dive, then they can begin jumping from the side of the pool. Keep it very simple at first. They should practice where they can be safe from harm. Have them repeat the process of the newly learned dive techniques. This should be repeated for a period of two weeks, along with continued strength training. Make sure that these tips are reinforced daily.
  4. Move these diving techniques to the high dive board. Your student is now able to practice all of these skills as a routine. Now your student will need to perfect this all on the high dive board. It takes them approximately two weeks to get used to this. Continue teaching that your student should practice all of this with you to improve and perfect these skills. Encourage your diving student to practice these tips and techniques every day. That way, they will gain the confidence to make their future a success in high diving.
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