High Jump Track Shoes

If you want to jump over the competition, it is a good idea to have the best high jump track shoes. Much like individual tastes high jump track shoes can vary by style and individual tastes. They also vary by design. These five shoes earn a gold medal for being the best high jump track shoes.

  1. Nike Zoom Long Jump III Track and Field shoe. These shoes have it all. They offer lock down straps, mesh ventilation, and extra cushioning. Yet with those amazing features the spikes are the star of the show. They are replaceable and offer amazing traction.
  2. Mizuno High Jump for men. They also offer the excellent lock down straps and an excellent jump plate. The spikes are not as amazing as the Nike Zoom shoe but the price is right.
  3. The New Balance HJ Men's 1010. These shoes are excellent and airy. They feature the ABZOR technology that enhance performance.
  4. Adidas adiStar HJ Track Spikes. These shoes are wonderfully lightweight with extremely sturdy replaceable spikes. They boast the EVA midsole which makes these shoes extra comfortable
  5. Nike Zoom Victory Track Spike. The shoes have excellent grip and spikes. They feel amazing on the feet and are wonderful for both women and men.    

With these shoes athletes can go further, jump higher and know you have one of the five best high jump track shoes supporting their feet. These five shoes offer all of the features and design that athletes need to perform their best at the high jump. There are value shoes in all price ranges for all budgets with many styles and color for men and women.



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