High School Diving Rules

Both the thrill and danger of diving is continually at the forefront for the association that must oversee the rules of the sport, as you can see in these high school diving rules. To keep competition fair and judging precise, the National Federation of High School Associations continually tweaks high-school diving rules. In the March 2010 meeting in Indianapolis, NFHS submitted rule changes for high-school divers. The following rules represent some of the new changes. The new rules, along with all NFHS high-school diving rules, can be found in the "2010-2011 Swimming, Diving and Water Polo Rule Book," available at NFSH.com. The rules listed can be located under the diving section of the NFHS rule book. Rules are sectioned in numerical order.

  1. Rule 9. This high-school diving rule states both the swimmer and the high school coach must sign off on the dive sheets to ensure the diver is capable of completing his dives.
  2. Rule 9-7-4d. This high-school diving rule states the high school diver must attempt to come out of a twist for his dive to be considered successful. A dive ending in a twist can be considered a failed dive by the judges.
  3. Rule 9-7-5h. This rule now clarifies how much of a twisting dive the swimmer must perform once leaving the board. A dive where the diver's shoulders are turned more than 90 degrees before his feet leave the board will be considered unsatisfactory in NFHS high-school diving.
  4. Rule 3-3-2b(2). In high-school diving, swimsuits for high school divers worn during competition must be 100 percent permeable to both air and water, except for the school name or logo, which can measure no more than nine square inches. The logo should be added to the permeable suit.
  5. Rule 3-3-3-1. In NFHS high-school diving, this rule states the FINA logo is not a form of advertising so swimsuits donning the initials will be legal for competition.
  6. Rule 3-3-3. This high-school diving rule states a device such as tape worn by a high school diver to compress any part of the body in an attempt to aid in speed is illegal in diving competition.
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