High School Diving Tips For Coaches

High school diving tips for coaches are needed to become a good diving coach for the members of your team. Competitive diving can be intense for high school students. As their coach, it’s your job to offer encouragement and support, as well as to help your divers become the best young athletes they can be.

  1. Find out more about how high school diving is structured. The structure and rules are set up by the National Federation of State High School Associations. You can contact this association to learn more. There are also several resources available on the website for the National Federation of State High School Associations.
  2. Talk with other high school diving coaches. If you’re new to coaching or to coaching diving, other coaches might be able to give you some direction. Competitive diving takes a great deal of skill, and it can also be dangerous when not executed correctly. For this reason, it’s important to get as much direction as you can before you start working with high school divers.
  3. Watch your divers closely. When your divers are practicing, keep a close eye on their form and the safety precautions they take. Staying safe is always your main concern. Your next biggest concern is the form of the dive. In competitions, even a slight variation of the form can cause serious points to be lost. Correct divers when you notice any problems.
  4. Encourage your divers to help each other. As much as you watch them during practice, you can’t be everywhere at once. Let your team know that they are not in competition with each other. They should instead be helping one another to become the very best competitive high school divers they can be.
  5. Give equal attention to all your divers. Diving is a tough sport and odds are, you’re going to have one or a few who stand out above the rest. While these divers should be encouraged, you should never ignore the other members of your team.
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