High School Lacrosse Rules

If you are interested in high school lacrosse, then you need to know the high school lacrosse rules. These are all of the most basic rules you should know for the fun and engrossing game of lacrosse. There are also some advanced rules that any player serious about the great sport of lacrosse will be interested in.

  1. Each team consists of about fifteen players. Ten are on the high school lacrosse field at any time and the other five or so are on the bench and are around for substitutions. In high school lacrosse, there is one goalie, three back defensive players, three midfielders, and three forward offensive players. The back defense and forward must stay in their respective zones, but the three midfielders are free to move wherever they are needed on the high school lacrosse field.
  2. Every player has a crosse on the high school lacrosse field. The crosse is the stick that the players use to catch and throw the ball. Since the object of the game is to get the ball into the opposing team’s net, the players will have to run and pass the ball down the field to get it as close to the lacrosse goal as possible. Each player can run as much as he wants in high school lacrosse, but there is a 30 second shot clock to keep in mind.
  3. There are a few styles of fouls in high school lacrosse. The best way to judge is that you are allowed body checks from the front and side, but this is only nudging or pushing; i.e. not hitting your opponent with the stick. You can only body check someone who has the ball and you are only allowed to hit them above the waist and below the shoulders in high school lacrosse. Tripping, hitting with the stick, or pushing from behind will be called as a foul by the referees and there will be a penalty shot.
  4. After the ball is acquired by the defensive team, they have ten seconds to get it out of the defensive zone and up the field. In high school lacrosse, if this rule is broken, there is an immediate turnover to the other team
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