High School Wrestling Takedowns

There is nothing more fun that high school wrestling takedowns. They are simple and useful no matter the level of wrestling. Since most American high schools teach folkstyle wrestling, the takedowns in this list are folkstyle. So get ready to have some fun with these fun takedowns.

  1. Ankle Pick. Bring your opponent down to the mat quickly and easily with this fun high school wrestling takedown. This move requires you to have inside control and a firm grip of your opponent's neck. Bend one knee and bring his ankle forward.
  2. The Single Leg Drill this takedown a few times and once you have perfected it, you have passed high school wrestling takedowns 101. This is probably the first takedown you will ever learn in high school wrestling. For this move, all you have to do is drop down to one knee, drive your arm in between your opponents legs, pick one leg up and drive forward.
  3. The Double Leg Have some fun alternating between the single and double leg. They are both basically the same. However, for this move, instead of grabbing one leg and driving forward, grab two legs and drive forward.
  4. Russian Armbar Show your opponent whose the boss with this advanced high school wrestling takedown. This move is used universally in different variations in other wrestling sports such as MMA. In order to execute this move in folkstyle, you will need to get a 2 on 1 on the arm where you have control of his wrist and elbow. Bring his arm to your chest and use your shoulder to put pressure on his to make him lean forward. Then, bring his arm down low, grab his foot and hold it up high using your shoulder as support and trip him forward.
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