High Voltage Tattoo

High Voltage Tattoo

High Voltage Tattoo is located in Hollywood, California and is owned and run by artist Kat Von D. Von D is a former employee of Miami Ink, a shop based in Florida with its own television reality show. She has since moved on to her own cable show surrounding her new shop.

High Voltage sits on Le Brea Avenue, in the heart of the West Hollywood area. The shop is decorated to fit the eclectic nature of the area with loud colors and a sense of being over decorated and slightly tacky in nature. The oversized chandelier hanging in the reception area is the first clue to the overdone decor. The bright blues and off-tone reds with gold accents further the adventure that is High Voltage Tattoo. Posters of rock bands and cityscapes complete the look .

A host of artists call High Voltage Tattoo home. Besides owner and artist Kat Von D, Dennis Halbritter has been with the shop since opening day and focuses on brightly colored original creations for clients. Jeff Ward came from Chicago, Illinois to join the crew. Camilla Rocha is originally from Brazil, but focuses on Japanese style art. Several artists have come and gone from the shop, including some guest artists brought in just for the television show.

Several celebrities have visited High Voltage tattoo to get inked, including James Hetfield of Metallica and porn star and producer Jenna Jamison. Possibly the most notable celebrity to appear at the shop and on “LA Ink” is Nikki Sixx. The bassist of Motley Crue fame had an on air affair with owner and artist Von D. Their romance was sketched out in ink on more than one occasion, with Sixx and Kat getting matching tattoos on one episode of the show. Their relationship soon ended, but the ink received at High Voltage Tattoo is for life.

Appointments for High Voltage Tattoo are hard to come by. A waiting list of up to a year has been reported for some of the artists.

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