Hip Hop Sex Tapes

When talking about hip hop sex tapes, it is important to remember that hip hop artists are no different from any other celebrities.  People are always going to want a piece of them and are always going to want to see them embarrassed.  That is why there is just as much excitement about hip hop sex tapes as there is about sex tapes starring actresses like Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson.  Also like other sex tapes, hip hop sex tapes tend to victimize both male and female performers.

  1. Ray J and Kim KardashianWilliam Ray Norwood Jr., otherwise known as Ray J may have combined with Kim Kardashian to create one of the most famous sex tapes of all time, let alone most famous hip hop sex tape.  Both Ray J and Kim have seen their public personas sky rocket thanks to this tape and while Ray J was a somewhat successful recording artist who has only become more successful since the tape, Kim's career was created out of thin air thanks to the tape.
  2. Chris Brown and Rihanna – A rumored sex tape featuring these two major recording artists has gained popularity and interest because both people involved are attractive in their own right and because the now defunct duo had such a newsworthy breakup a few years back.  Brown allegedly assaulted Rihanna and has had some other notable public blowups
  3. Nicki Minaj –  It has to be said that Nicki Minaj certainly loves to draw attention to herself, but its a safe bet that didn't mean she wanted a sex tape released to the public.  Minaj is seen engaging in several sex acts with an unnamed man.  Minaj generally is considered the "Lady GaGa of Hip Hop" thanks to her outlandish outfits and appearances but in this regard she seems to have journeyed into an area even Lady GaGa won't go.
  4. Kelis and  Infrared – This hip hop sex tape is less of an actual sex tape and more of a video taping of the after effects of sex. The rapper who is referred to as Infrared claims he recorded a video of hip hop star Kelis sleeping in the buff after they had engaged in sex. On the video the man even goes so far as goading Kelis' husband, telling him he needs to "handle his business."
  5. Usher and Tomeka Foster – This particular hip hop sex tape features long time singing star Usher teaming up with his ex-wife. Tomeka Foster has been Usher's ex for quite some time so there is quite a few questions surrounding just why the tape is being shopped now. 
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