Hip Hop Songs About Prostitution

The best hip hop songs about prostitution are those hip hop songs which just may make you consider, even if only for a brief second, to actually give up your day job and turn to a life of pimping out women, full-time. These hip hop songs about prostitution deal not with discouraging women from getting into prostitution, but with glorifying prostitution. But you know what they say, "you only live once," so you may as well try your hand at pimping if you have nothing to lose.

  1. "Pimp Anthem." Ice-T's "Pimp Anthem" is the best hip hop song about prostitution because the subject is right there, stuck up right in your face. Literally an anthem that glorifies pimping women, this song, like all hip hop songs, comes loaded to full capacity with swearing. Whether it's the s-word, the f-word, or even just the good, old mother-effer, "Pimp Anthem" can teach you about swearing creatively. If you have ever wanted to learn how to be a pimp by way of listening to instructions through a hip hop song, then this is your best bet, sucka.
  2. "Prostitute 2." Another hip hop song about prostitution that is less offensive than the aforementioned, Lil' Wayne's "Prostitute 2" is not so much about pimping out women as it is about actually showing some form of mercy to women who have been prostitutes! From the opening lines of "Prostitute 2," it becomes clear that Lil' Wayne is rapping about falling in love with a prostitute, just as long as she displays the golden qualities of honesty and honor while in a relationship with him, qualities which fall naturally to women who are prostitutes.
  3. "Colt 45." "Colt 45" is a song by Afroman that puts a spin on the usual lewd songs about prostitution that hip hop so boastfully perpetuates. Instead of females being prostituted, in this song, the singer is actually bragging about prostituting himself by having sex with basically all types of women that he comes across, whether it be white girls, Asians, Australians…even Dolly Parton! You need to beware, though: The amount of sex-based profanity and lewd language is not just over-the-top on "Colt 45," but it is relentless throughout the whole tune.
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