Hip-Hop Street Style: 10 Tips

If you are looking to improve your Hip Hop street style, here are 10 tips. Understanding what Hip Hop style is, means leaving all that stuff you've seen on MTV and BET on MTV and BET. Though a lot of what you see on TV is a part of the Hip Hop culture, it's a very small piece that is falsely portrayed to encompass all of Hip Hop. Understanding the Hip Hop style of dress means to understand where Hip Hop came from. Hip Hop street style, like the rest of the culture was born out of the necessity of the marginal and downtrodden to have a forum with which to express their ideas about life through their particular situations.

  1. Origins. Hip Hop street style, along with the rest of the culture started in the inner city of one of the toughest places in the country. South Bronx, New York. Hip Hop is the inner cities version of the news. It showcases the good and the bad of the inner city. Unfortunately, the crap usually seen on the TV is nothing more than an exaggerated stylized version that glorifies much of the negative. So, dressing like a gang banger or 50 cent isn't indicative of all Hip Hop street style.
  2. Hip Hop isn't that manufactured crap big corporations throw out to the masses. That stuff is nothing more than some outsiders dysfunctional pipe dream of exploiting and making money off of a culture that's in style at the moment. This crap is an example of imitation being a slap in the face not flattery. You don't know what we mean? Check out those dumb ass commercials with those goofy beats and silly actors that certain fast food chains use to try to draw in the youth. Silly.
  3. It's what you have. Hip Hop isn't about spending crazy money at the retailers. It's about making what you have work. Most people originally involved in Hip Hop culture weren't rich. They made due with what they had. You don't have to go out and spend $300 bucks on some boots because P-Diddy is wearing them.
  4. Style Altruism. Hip Hop style is ever evolving. It borrows from outside culture's while at the same time elevating those outside cultures with it's unique influences. Hip Hop Street style will never be pigeon holed.
  5. It's functional. Hip Hop style isn't just for show. The articles of clothing chosen mean something. The b-boys wear pants that make it easier for them to break. The graffiti artists rock the book bags to hold their artistic tools. A kid wearing sunglasses in a club is just stupid. Or a guy rocking a trucker hat just because Pharell did it a few years ago is lame.
  6. Hip Hop street style incorporates the cool stuff of other cultures forever making it a part of the culture. Check out Russell Simmons' clothing line. But, a classic is a classic. For example, no matter how much Hip Hop style changes, shell toed sneakers will always be hot.
  7. Hip Hop in general is a slap in the face to those that believe in conservative traditional ways of life. Hip Hop street style of dress is no different. Hip Hop is  rebellion and its sure of itself despite the stuffy folks. So, whatever you wear, be confident in it.
  8. A state of mind. Hip Hop style is more of a state of mind then what you actually have on. It's how you look at the world and how you feel the world recognizes you. It's not uncommon to see MC's dressed totally different from each other, rocking the mic all the same. A dude in a collared shirt and dress shoes is no less Hip Hop than a guy with baggy jeans and a hoodie.
  9. Hip Hop style is represented differently all over the world. Remember, Hip Hop takes and shares with the majority culture it strives within. Therefore a kid in China may have a different look than a guy from Chicago. Hip Hop is Hip Hop.
  10.  Self Expression. Hip Hop style is about you. It's about what you want to display to the world. Therefore, Hip Hop is what you make it.
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