History Of Aphrodisiacs

The history of aphrodisiacs is just that, something that was inspired long ago in history and still reigns strong today. The intrigue and curiosity of aphrodisiacs keep the topic alive, and the history is rich, with a never-ending ability to attract newcomers.

  1. Thank Aphrodite. The first coming of this word is derived from Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, and believe it or not sexuality. Considering that the history of aphrodisiacs had to start somewhere, this was a great place.
  2. What is that smell? The first known aphrodisiac was known as a person's body odor. Either a person's body odor would attract another person or they would be running for the woods. Further along in aphrodisiac history we can call it a person's pheromones that they give off that either attract or repel another person's attractiveness to us.
  3. Mmmmm, that smells nice! Throughout history, people became aware of what a person's sense of smell was capable of, and they came up with the idea of colognes and perfumes. Considering its positive history of attracting a mate, this made the process all that more enjoyable. A little fun fact is that Cleopatra was the first to wear any type of perfume due to the fact that she realized what it could get her, fame, fortune, and extreme popularity amongst the men and women.
  4. Our Central Nervous System. As history went on, we realized that aphrodisiacs were merely anything that was able to stimulate our central nervous system, and get us "excited". There are several known aphrodisiacs that have come a long ways throughout history. Vitamin E, Ginseng, Mandrake plants, Quaalude, , , Bupropion, Bethanechol, Afrodex, Clomipiramine, Fluoxetine, Chinese Chan Su, Love Stone, Hard Rock, Stud 100, Spanish Fly, Winter Cherry, Guarana, Damiana, Avena Sativa, oysters, and of course chocolate. But the history and list of aphrodisiacs does not end there, there are countless more that people use as a stimulant.
  5. Ginseng, and essential oils. Ginseng is by far one of the best aphrodisiacs known since the beginning of time. In addition, essential oils that are placed on the skin are up there on the list too; Patchouli, Jasmine, and Lavender are among the list of essential oil aphrodisiacs.

Having aphrodisiacs for more than sexual appeal can lead to a benefiting outcome to things someone wants. Next time that job interview rolls around, take some ginseng, or put on some jasmine oil. The appeal of yourself to others will be rather surprising. And, don't stop there, the history of aphrodisiacs is a proven method of great bodily communication, so be creative and try out different things to see what works and what does not.

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