The History Of Brie Cheese

The history of brie cheese is rather rich and interesting, which is unsurprising since this decadent cheese evokes thoughts of sophistication and elegance. Brie cheese, which is rather soft and creamy, originated in the French province of the same name centuries ago. The texture and appearance of this cow's milk cheese must be noted in describing the history of brie cheese. Brie comes in the form of a wheel and is off-white in color, with a smooth, creamy inside surrounded by a whitish rind that is typically eaten along with the inside, making this cheese as unique as the its history.

The story most often thought of when considering the history of brie cheese is that of French Emperor Charlemagne. Charlemagne, who was said to have first tasted the richness of brie cheese in approximately 774 B.C. in a monastery, fell in love with the decadent, creamy cheese that instant, thus making the cheese even more popular and adding to its rich history. Another popular rumor about brie cheese is that King Louis XVI's last wish was to have one last taste of brie. Although these are simply stories, not necessarily mounted in truth, it does show that the history of brie cheese is a very interesting one.

Brie cheese also gained popularity due to a competition in France in the early 1800s. A Frenchmen suggested a competition to find out which country truly made the finest cheese, and the winner was, of course, France, and Brie, also referred to as Brie de Meaux, was declared the King of Cheeses. French brie cheese also won another competition, two years in a row! Brie cheese originating from France won gold medals in 2000 as well as 2001 in the Brie National Contest. So, enjoy this elegant cheese knowing that it has a history as rich as its flavor!

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