History Of Converse

In the year 1908 the history of converse began.  Converse is a company that makes shoes that are desired by rock stars, skaters, basketball players, and just about anybody that wants to be stylish.  With a company that began so many years ago, the history of converse will display how the brand reached its level of success.

In 1908 Marquis Mills Converse started a rubber shoe company, that was different than any other company. Converse shipped the shoes directly to the retailer, back then most companies didn't do business directly with their retailers. In 1913 Converse produced their first catalog.  In that same year Converse also began making a shoe for basketball players.  Basketball was a fairly new sport at this time.  This was the beginning to the start of a successful history of Converse.

During World War II, the company made footwear, apparel, and boots for servicemen. Between the years of 1948 to 1958, rock and roll was invented along with the high top sneaker.  There were many Rockers, even then, who desired Converse. Between the years of 1958 to 1968, shoes in different colors were making their way through the history of Converse. In the next decade the shoes were introduced to suede.

In the year 1976 the shoe finally came in leather.  Basketball players loved this year in the history of Converse. Converse sold one million of the All Star 2000 shoes in the year 1996. To this day, Converse shoes are worn by people everywhere.  The history of Converse proves that a company can still stay on top and popular for over a hundred years.


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