History Of Fox Brand Clothing

The history of Fox Brand Clothing started in 1942, since then it has grown to be a very popular brand of clothing. Many people sport the Fox Brand, showing that they loving Fox racing. Fox Racing clothing is offered in many states. It has grown so much, it is widely seen everywhere.

Founded in 1942, the Fox Brand Clothing first started out as the Trico Fox LTD. The chain was based in Israel. Pete Fox was the brilliant mastermind who invented the Fox Brand Clothing. It was invented to show off the symbols of Fox Racing. When Fox Brand Clothing first started out, Pete Fox had a staff of sixteen people. His staff had no training, and he did not desire training. Fox would pick out the colors and the fabrics that the company would use at this point.

In 2002, Fox Brand Clothing became the Fox-Wizel LTD. Fox has swiftly grown since the start of the store. There are now over fifty different companies sporting Fox Brand Clothing nationwide. Along with clothing for women, men, and children, Fox offers other material as well. You can buy hats, decals and so much more. Fox started a joint partnership with the Laline Candles and Soups LTD company. This company sells soaps, candles, scented oil and more.

The history of Fox Brand Clothing, shows just how popular it is. It has lasted a very long time, and is still growing. People still love the Fox Clothing Brand and I do not for see that popularity slowing down.

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