History Of Hot Stone Massage

The history of hot stone massage uncovers a very old art. Devices to hold heat have been found to be soothing to the body and stones contain the minerals of the Earth, mixed with heat the process feels more relaxing to the body. Throughout history people have searched for a way to alleviate pain. The hot stone massage is a way of taking natures natural elements and putting them to use to help muscles relax and melt away pain. . The hot rock massage is as natural for man as the use of fire. Discovering that stone holds heat is as natural as cooking

  1. Africa. Starting from the beginnings of man from the continent where life began man and his search to make the body feel better has used hot stone massage. This technique is called many names but the method has traveled the globe
  2. Asia. The people of Asia discovered this technique over 4,000 years ago and have continued to use it to ease pain and sore muscles in homes and health spas today. The Monks of Tibet used the hot stone massage technique to slow digestion and for other areas of the body.
  3. Native American Indians: The Indians used hot stone mixed with heat and water to sweat impurities from the body, flushing away toxins from the muscles and other organs of the body through the skin. The history of hot stone massage has passed down through generations.
  4. Brazil. People of the deep rain forest have used hot rock massage for centuries, understanding the natural effect of relaxing the body and purifying the system with heat while increasing circulation.
  5. Incas. Pain and muscle stiffness is not new to the world and with the active life of Inca Society pain and muscle aches were not foreign. Each sector of the world has played a part in the history of hot stone massage.
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