History Of Johnny Cupcakes

The history of Johnny Cupcakes is an interesting one. Johnny Cupcakes, Inc. also known as Johnny Cupcakes, is a clothing line founded by Johnny Earle in 2001. The brand tends to replace iconic symbols on its clothing with a cupcake symbol. Its logo is skull and crossbones inspired, with a cupcake replacing the skull. Johnny Cupcake offers pins, jewelry, undergarments, shorts and T-shirts.

In 2001, Johnny Early designed a few screen-printed shirts for the band he played in at the time (On Broken Wings) and decided to name the shirts “Johnny Cupcakes”. The shirts became a hit with co-workers and customers at the store he worked at and within a short time period, people were eager to purchase the shirts. Earle then decided to sell the shirts from the trunk of his car to local customers at the Newbury Comics music shop in Braintree, Massachusetts. When On Broken Wings got signed in 2002 and was on tour, Earle began selling the Johnny Cupcakes shirts at shows and shortly after, the brand began to have a cult following. In 2003, Earle quit his job and focused solely on his blooming business.

In 2005, he opened his first Johnny Cupcakes store in his hometown of Hull, Boston. A year later, he opened another boutique on popular Newbury Street in Boston. The grand opening was a success with a recorded revenue of five-figure sales. In 2008, a third Johnny Cupcake store was opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and the grand opening of the L.A. store holds the company's most highest figures for single-day sales. Johnny Cupcakes merchandise can also be found on its online Website.


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